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Charlotte D. Burgess, DC

Dr. Burgess was working in the oil fields of North Dakota when she took a nap on a Sunday afternoon, when she woke up she told her husband she was going to be a Chiropractor.  This was not something she had thought about and there were no Chiropractors in her family, it was a true calling. 

She received her pre-med degree from the university of North Dakota, Williston branch and then moved her family to Texas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic.  She graduated from Parker in September of 2002 and decided to stay in the Denton area. 

Dr. Burgess opened her office in October of 2002 to begin helping people achieve true health and wellness.  She was asked to work as a Clinic Faculty doctor for Parker student clinic in August of 2004.  She maintained her clinic part-time while working full time at Parker.  She left Parker and returned to her clinic full time in April of 2011. 

Having undergone spinal fusion surgery in May of 2010 Dr. Burgess has first hand knowledge of the challenges that disc problems can cause.  Surgery was not her first choice.  She was able to live with minimal discomfort for 8 years with a 15 mm disc herniation by getting regular chiropractic care.  The disc was in the process of breaking off when she had to finally get surgery.  Following her surgery she has been getting adjusted and having deep tissue massages regularly to maintain her spinal health.   

Dr Burgess strives to help people who want to maintain their healthy spine and those who have intense pain issues.  Every cell, tissue, and organ in the body receives its information from the brain through the spinal nerves that exit between the vertebra of the spine.  When the spine is out of alignment the nerve flow to and from the body to the brain is interrupted, this causes many problems due to dis-ease.  As a doctor of chiropractic Dr. Burgess uses her skills to detect misalignments and correct them for proper nerve flow allowing the body to communicate with itself and thereby heal its self. 

Dr. Burgess

Dr. Davis

Dr. Jennifer D. Davis

Dr. Davis worked for Dr. Burgess as an office manager for several months and then her husband passed away in a motorcycle accident. At that point, Dr. Davis had a tough decision to make in life and chose to serve others and become a part of the miracles she had witnessed in Dr. Burgess’ office during her time as office manager there. 

Dr. Davis completed her pre-med at Texas Womens University, Denton Campus and graduated from Parker University, College of Chiropractic, with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree after learning the Science, Art and Philosophy of chiropractic.

She has decided to work at Burgess Chiropractic, as that is where her heart has been all through school. She even continued working as the office manager throughout her schooling. 

Dr. Davis

She has a passion to heal and a desire to serve her community through Burgess Chiropractic. Dr. Davis is committed to working with her patients and her community to help bring true health and wellness to Denton and the surrounding area. 

Her mission is to educate other doctors about the integration of chiropractic in the care of their patients. Her passion for knowledge also inspires her to learn from those same doctors, how to build a health bridge between the two models of care. 

Removing interference so that your body can be truly a healTHY self is her goal.


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Awarded by Consumer Research Council of America 2009 & 2011



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Body Restoration Technique
Graston – M3 Certified
Functional and Kinetic Training and Rehabilitation


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Acupuncture – needle and electronic
Myofascial Release
Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
Pregnancy, Infant, and Child
Activator Methods
Accupressure Stress Elimination Technique
Kinesio Taping
Concept Therapy Technique
Cranial Sacral Technique
Applied Kinesiology