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Car Accident

Consultation & Exam
Your first visit will begin with a collection of confidential health information from you, the doctor will sit and speak with you directly. After learning more about your accident an examination will be performed.

Report of Findings
If following your examination it is believed that our services will help you a discussion of care will follow. If your case will not respond to our services then you will be referred to another provider. 

Treatment Plan
If your case is accepted a treatment plan will be discussed on your unique findings and an individualized treatment plan may be created to address your short and/or long term goals.

As you advance through treatment, periodic progress evaluations will measure and compare your improvement. 

Party Responsibility

If you were involved in an auto accident and are the owner of the vehicle, we will bill the medical insurance portion of your automobile insurance policy. If you were a passenger in someone else's car, we will bill the driver's auto insurance company. (These policies will be billed in addition, and prior to, any claim that your attorney may be presenting to an insurance company on your behalf.)

If you were a passenger in a vehicle which was not insured, but you own a car which has medical coverage, the automobile insurance company which carries YOUR policy will be responsible to pay your medical bills.

Insurance Rates
It is important to remember that when a medical claim is submitted to the "medical payments" portion of your auto insurance policy, your standing with the insurance company will not be affected, and your rates will not normally be increased, unless the accident is determined to be your fault.


Billing Other Insurance Policies
It is also to your advantage for our office to bill your own health insurance and/or automobile medical policy for your medical bills, providing your policy does not state otherwise. Any money received above and beyond your total bill in this office will be refunded to you. 

Responsibility for Payment
As a courtesy to you, we will gladly submit your medical bills to your insurance company(ies) and/or your attorney; however, all services rendered by this office will be charged directly to you, and ultimately, you will be personally responsible for payment of these bills regardless of any settlement you may or may not receive. 

Please contact our office for questions and scheduling. 


Attention: Our office also accepts Letters Of Protections (LOP), your attorney may fax or email your LOP to our office.

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