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Dr. Burgess accepts most major insurances. Patients that have met their deductible, pay only their co-pay. If patients have not met their deductible, they will pay the percentage of the bill as required by the insurance company until the deductible has been met. We file claims for patients and will deal with the insurance company so you don't have to. Typical first appointment costs an average $145.00 total ($80.00 for the exam and $65.00 for the adjustment).

Consultation & Exam

Your first visit will begin with a collection of confidential health information from you, the doctor will sit and speak with you directly. After learning more about your condition an examination will be performed.

Report of Findings

If following your examination it is believed that our services will help you a discussion of care will follow. If your case will not respond to our services then you will be referred to another provider. 

Treatment Plan

If your case is accepted a treatment plan will be discussed on your unique findings and an individualized treatment plan may be created to address your short and/or long term goals.

As you advance through treatment, periodic progress evaluations will measure and compare your improvement. 

Insurance companies, for the most part, do not cover supportive/maintenance care, and so for our patients who wish to continue their care and maintain spinal health, we offer a Wellness Program. 

Please contact our office for questions and scheduling. 
Attention:  Chiropractic Coverage varies by Insurance Plan.


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