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Several clinical studies have shown a number of benefits to receiving chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy.

To prepare for pregnancy it is important to correct alignment of the pelvis and sacrum. The nerves that go to the reproductive organs come from the low back/sacral base. If the nerve flow to and from the body/brain is impeded then it would be similar to putting in ear plugs and asking a very important question. You have ears you just can’t hear, you have the body parts to make a baby, the body just isn’t talking to itself. Studies have shown that 14 out of 15 women who have infertility can be helped by removing this interference! This is what our body is designed to do Naturally!

During your pregnancy as your body changes shape your center of gravity shifts causing the back to arch and the spine to be under pressure, oftentimes this causes low back pain. Adjustments can and should be done in all stages of your pregnancy. Many women ask how often they should be adjusted to maintain spinal alignment – We suggest that you come to the office following or before your OB/GYN appointments.

Getting your spine and pelvis aligned during your pregnancy will help your well-being and according to several MD studies – can significantly reduce the amount of time spent in labor, on average 24% for the first child and 39% less for second or third children.

Plus, the benefits to your body’s overall health are tremendous! In a study published by the Journal of chiropractic medicine, it states that 72% of pregnant women benefited just from getting adjusted. It should also be noted that in that same study, findings indicated that 84% of the pregnant patients with low back pain found relief with adjustments.

Please contact our office for questions and scheduling. 

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