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Wellness and Maintenance

We offer a Wellness program that is family budget friendly. Wellness care isn't covered by most insurance companies, yet it can continue your progress toward maximum health, prevent a relapse of your original condition, and help avoid future health problems - saving you time and money.  The purpose of our Wellness Health is to make preventative chiropractic care convenient and affordable to those who have completed sickness care.​


Sickness care is defined as a form of treatment designed to address an obvious symptom, disease, or condition. Wellness Care is recognized as non-symptomatic care, designed to maximize optimum spinal and nervous system function and help prevent disease. 

Eligibility: Those qualified for membership must be non-symptomatic, having reached pre-accident or pre-injury status and have no outstanding account balance for their Sickness Care, and be recommended by the treating Doctor of Chiropractic. 


Members agree to report any new or returning health problems to the Doctor, which is not self-limiting and does not resolve in three days. Should injury or Sickness Care be needed, Wellness Health benefits are suspended. Benefits can resume when eligibility requirements are met.

We also offer Wellness discounts for our public servants, e.g. Fire, Police EMT’s and military (with military photo ID), etc.

As well as Denton ISD (including UNT, TWU and NCTC) discounts for faculty and staff. 

Please contact our office for questions and scheduling. 
Attention: Wellness Care is not covered by insurance, however, a superbill can be supplied if the patient would like to file with their insurance themselves.


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